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- Hamden (effective July 1, )

Welders: Rate for craft to which welding is incidental.

*Note: Hazardous waste removal work receives additional $1.25 per hour for truck drivers.

**Note: Hazardous waste premium $3.00 per hour over classified rate.

ALL Cranes: When crane operator is operating equipment that requires a fully licensed crane operator to operate he receives an extra $4.00 premium in addition to the hourly wage rate and benefit contributions:

1) Crane handling or erecting structural steel or stone; hoisting engineer (2 drums or over)
2) Cranes (100 ton rate capacity and over) Bauer Drill/Caisson
3) Cranes (under 100 ton rated capacity)

  • Crane with boom including jib, 150 feet - $1.50 extra.
  • Crane with boom including jib, 200 feet - $2.50 extra.
  • Crane with boom including jib, 250 feet - $5.00 extra.
  • Crane with boom including jib, 300 feet - $7.00 extra.
  • Crane with boom including jib, 400 feet - $10.00 extra.

~ ~ ~ All classifications that indicate a percentage of the fringe benefits must be calculated at the percentage rate times the "base hourly rate".

Apprentices duly registered under the Commissioner of Labor's regulations on "Work Training Standards for Apprenticeship and Training Programs" Section 31-51-d-1 to 12, are allowed to be paid the appropriate percentage of the prevailing journeymen hourly base and the full fringe benefit rate, providing the work site ratio shall not be less than one full-time journeyperson instructing and supervising the work of one apprentice in a specific trade.

~~Connecticut General Statute Section 31-55a: Annual Adjustments to wage rates by contractors doing state work ~~

The Prevailing wage rates applicable to this project are subject to annual adjustments each July 1st for the duration of the project.

Each contractor shall pay the annual adjusted prevailing wage rate that is in effect each July 1st, as posted by the Department of Labor.

It is the contractor's responsiblity to obtain the annual adjusted prevailing wage rate increases directly from the Department of Labor's website.

The annual adjustments will be posted on the Department of Labor's Web page:

The Department of Labor will continue to issue the initial prevailing wage rate schedule to the Contracting Agency for the project.

All subsequent annual adjustments will be posted on our Web Site for contractor access.

Effective October 1, 2005 - Public Act 05-50: any person performing the work of any mechanic, laborer, or worker shall be paid prevailing wage.

All Persons who perform work ON SITE must be paid prevailing wage for the appropriate mechanic, laborer, or worker classification.

All certified payrolls must list the hours worked and wages paid to All Persons who perform work ON SITE regardless of their ownership i.e.: (Owners, Corporate Officers, LLC Members, Independent Contractors, et. al)

Reporting and payment of wages is required regardless of any contractual relationship alleged to exist between the contractor and such person.

~~Unlisted classifications needed for work not included within the scope of the classifications listed may be added after award only as provided in the labor standards contract clause (29 CFR 5.5 (a) (1) (ii)).

Please direct any questions which you may have pertaining to classification of work and payment of prevailing wages to the Wage and Workplace Standards Division, telephone (860)263-6790.

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